Aimo and Milla are living together at Milla’s alcoholics-turned-zombiesparents’place. They save money to move out of the house. Due to his lack of self confidence, Aimo wastes their savings to turbo-boost his muscles. As conventional body building is not quite satisfactory, Aimo tunes himself up into a robot. Milla doesn't like the new Aimo-Robot and leaves him. Aimo´s heartache leads him to extreme measures as he also changes his heart into a metal one, one that doesn’t hurt. Milla decides to steal Aimo heart: after all, a man need to have a man´s heart. "Lovemilla" is an anarchistic comedy trip, a comedy about love, a story about love, robots and bodybuilding.

"Based on a popular TV teen dramedy in Finland, "Lovemilla" places some of the most mundane of life’s problems in a world full of anything but. Borrowing ideas from science fiction, fantasy and a little bit of horror, its magic lies in its absolute refusal to explain – or even acknowledge – the universe its characters live in. Men wear breastfeeding appliances, people break out into song, aliens beam down from outer space, and life just goes on as normal. ... From giant pandas to time travel to completely unexpected musical numbers, it would be safe to say "Lovemilla" has it all. It does this without ever forgoing its sense of heart, so by the end of "Lovemilla"… you will." – Brian Kelley, Fantastic Fest

Finland 2015