Delving into the psychological manipulation of Yale's infamous "social-obedience experiments" of the 1960s, Michael Almereyda unleashes daring cinema that demands to be seen.

Peter Sarsgaard is at his disquieting best as Stanley Milgram, the social-psychology pioneer/puppet-master who proved that everyday people were capable of torture (so long as it could be considered "negative reinforcement"). And while Milgram was branded a monster by many, Almereyda isn't particularly interested in playing devil's advocate and revealing the personal details of the man behind the notoriety. Instead, he masterfully places us in the position of Milgram's subjects (played by the notable likes of Anthony Edwards, Taryn Manning, John Leguizamo and Anton Yelchin) and forces us to confront what we might do if put in a position where indulging our sadistic impulses without consequence is a possibility. As Milgram pushes subjects past their breaking point, he also shatters the fourth wall, offering haunting glimpses into the ideas and motivations that drive him.

USA 2015