I Съдилището I
Under 14 Not Recommended

The story takes place nowadays, in a small and poor village in Bulgaria, which is located close to the border with Turkey and Greece. Mityo lives with his son Vasko. The relations between the two of them are strained after the recent death of Fanka – Mityo’s wife and mother of Vasko. The situation is getting even worse – the dairy, where Mityo has worked for 15 years, went bankrupt. He remains unemployed and he can’t cover the payments on the loan, which he has taken several years ago for the treatment of Fanka. There is a real danger that Mityo and Vasco end up homeless – the family house serves as a guarantee of the mortgage. Fallen into deadlock Mityo accepts to work for his former commander from the time when he served in the military – the Captain. His job is to smuggle illegal immigrants from Syria through the Bulgarian-Turkish border into the EU. The road passes through a fateful place for Mityo – the rock ‘The Judgment’ located on the border. There, during his military service Mityo had killed a young couple of East Germans who tried to escape to the West. Mityo has been living for 25 years with this memory and every time he goes with another group of immigrants along that cliff it becomes more difficult to bear his guilt.

Bulgaria 2014