Told in flashback, "Mother of Mine" focuses on Eero, who, as a nine-year-old boy, is sent to rural Sweden by his mother following the death of her husband. As if the abrupt transitions were not traumatic enough, Eero's new family doesn't exactly welcome him: his surrogate mother Signe, who was hoping for a girl to help her around the house, is infuriated. The kids at his school think he's weird, and mock him when he hides from a passing plane that reminds him of the bombings back home. What's more, Signe only gives Eero the letters from his family that she feels are appropriate. Eero begins to act out, which only makes matters much worse.

Sumptuously photographed, "Mother of Mine" is a powerful, moving work from one of Finland's most intriguing and assured young filmmakers.

Finland / Sweden 2005