"Landscape with Many Moons" is a drama about a middle-aged man who lives a seemingly ordinary life with his wife and children. The truth is, however, that their relationship has reached a dead end but they prefer the illusory decorations of living together to the free fall into emptiness. The man gallivants around between his previous and current relationships without knowing exactly what to do with them. Living on the edge starts to overburden his nervous system and as a result, actual reality and dream-like reality blend together and it becomes ever harder to distinguish between what is real and what is not.

"Landscape with Many Moons" portrays the explosive state right before going mad when the person cannot get into contact with life anymore. The film, however, is in no way depressing and the absurd situations, deviations from reality and surprising transitions offer comic recognition.

The director of the film is the renowned artist Jaan Toomik who in his first feature film deals with the same questions which he has addressed during his career as an artist - the topics of death and sexuality, body transformations, the relationship between reality and the dream-like, predominant human fears and alienation from yourself and the world.

Screenwriter and director: Jaan Toomik, producer: Ivo Felt, cinematographer: Mart Taniel, designer: Pille Jänes, costume designer: Maiu Rõõmus, make-up designer: Tiina Leesik

Cast: Hendrik Toompere Jr, Jaanika Juhanson, Maria Avdjuško, Garmen Tabor, Raimo Pass

Production companies: Allfilm (Estonia) and Making Movies (Finland). The film is supported by Estonian Film Institute, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Finnish Film Foundation and YLE.