Hult’s directors debut "Home" is a simple and joyful story about an introvert and antisocial woman in her late 20s - Lou.

One day, she finds out that her grandfather Yngve she never knew even existed, has died. Followingly, she finds out her mother has been also been hiding a grandmother from her! Lou takes a trip to meet her estranged grandmother Frida, who in contrary to Lou’s mother, is a warm-hearted, open and cheerful old lady. There begins the story of Frida – who secretly morns her recently-died love of her life, Lou – who has never felt as part of a family neither knows what to do with all that warmheartedness and joyfulness, as well of Tom – a 10-year-old neighbour boy, who’s been bullied by his classmates. Soon also a young man appears, who decides to fall in love with the quirky Lou.

Helen Vinogradov / PÖFF

Sweden, Iceland 2013