Nina, the young lady friend of timid Paulot intends to be true to her boyfriend, but falls hard for his roommate, Quentin, a thoroughly self-centered actor who performs in live sex shows. After a torrid affair with Nina, Quentin dies under questionable circumstances. Nina's search for answers to Quentin's sudden death leads her to Scrutzler, the theatre director who'd once cast Quentin in "Romeo and Juliet". Scrutzler has likewise suffered a terrible loss in his life: his Juliet was also his wife, who also died unexpectedly. Apparently, it was the wife's death that led to Quentin's demise. On impulse, Scrutzler casts the inexperienced Nina as Juliet and before long, both unhappy souls find a common emotional ground.

France 1985

Duration: 82 min

Director: André Techiné