Featuring one of the most star-studded (and talented) casts assembled in modern Spanish cinema, including the phenomenal Ricardo Darín, Javier Cámara, Leonor Watling, Luis Tosar, Eduardo Noriega, Candela Peña and Leonardo Sbaraglia, A GUN IN EACH HAND is a witty and scathingly hilarious portrait of forty-something manhood, and its shifting role in contemporary Barcelona.

Chance encounters between old friends, acquaintances, ex-spouses and potential lovers form an engrossing series of six intertwined tales of love, lost and found. Whether it’s Javier Camara’s character’s sorry efforts to win back his ex-wife, Eduardo Noriega’s misguided attempts to woo a co-worker, or Ricardo Darin’s confusion as to why his wife would be having an affair, each meeting starts off with men humbly attempting to secure what they want, and invariably winding up completely bewildered as the women in their lives mercilessly flip the situations around.

This superbly accomplished battle-of-the-sexes comedy was a sleeper breakout success at the Spanish box office last December, and confirms writer/director Cesc Gay as one of the country’s brightest talents.