I Eesti uus anima I

  • 1h 04 min
  • Animation

Calvin Cardioid „Lullaby for a Nameless Creature“

Estonia 2012, 3'51''

REŽ/DIR: Elina Kasesalu

Prod: Papercuts

Dreamlike musicvideo for canadian electronic music artist Calvin Cardioid


Happy Birthday

Estonia 2012, 12'

REŽ/DIR: Riho Unt

Prod: Arvo Nuut

“Happy Birthday” is an outlook vision about the duel between the bible hero Jesus and a man-made robot. Does the robot manage to break the formed dogmas and convert the religion into his favour or will the status quo remain firm?


Kali Briis „I Love your Face“

Estonia 2012, 3'

REŽ/DIR: Chintis Lundgren

Prod: Chintis Lundgren

Estonian animator Chintis Lundgren happily admits to creating silly animations about birds and her music video for Kali Briis track I Love Your Face is no exception.


The Triangle Affair

Estonia 2012, 10'

REŽ/DIR: Andres Tenusaar

Prod: Arvo Nuut

There is no triangle without corners. There is no direction without a triangle. There is no movement without a direction.


Seaplane Harbours Painter

Estonia, 2012, 3’59“

REŽ/DIR: Annely Põldsaar

Prod: Produktsioonigrupp

The animated documentary about the Seaplane Harbour in Estonia, the most uniqe maritime museum in Europe, opened at 2012, and about the talented artist who made the giant paintings for that museum.


Tenfold Rabbit „Oblivion“

Estonia 2012, 3'58''

REŽ/DIR: Roland Seer, Indrek Arula

Prod: Helen Paat, Marianne Ostrat

Was she or was she not? An animated insight into the twist of an obsessive mind, chasing her, who can't be caught. "Oblivion" is a music video for the first hit of an up-and-coming Estonian band Tenfold Rabbit.


The Maggot Feeder

Estonia 2012, 15'28''

REŽ/DIR: Priit Tender

Prod: Kalev Tamm

A man decides to kill his wife because she can’t have children. He builds a stone house on the seashore and starts to grow maggots in it. When the maggots are as thick as a wrist, he invites his wife for a walk on the beach… The Maggot Feeder is an ancient Chukchi folk tale. It takes us on a journey to the darkest alleys of the human mind.


Villa Antropoff

Estonia, Latvia 2012, 13'04''

REŽ/DIR: Kaspar Jancis, Vladimir Leschiov

Prod: Kalev Tamm, Vladimir Leschiov

Once upon a time, there lived a man who had nothing besides himself. And a dream, a great big dream. But an immense and dangerous sheet of water spread out between him and his dream. The man set out. He arrived at his destination due to his courage and tenacity. But was that what he had been searching for?


All films screen in English or with English subtitles.