In Paris in 1964, young Madeleine steals a gorgeous pair of shoes from the shop where she works. While wearing her sexy spike heels, she's mistaken for a prostitute – an error that signals the next direction her life will take. Madeleine starts sleeping with men for money. But this, too, takes a radical turn when she falls for a handsome Czech doctor, the man who will father her daughter Vera. Both women waltz in and out of the lives of the men they love. But not every era allows us to love blithely and light-heartedly. A sly and lovely film that takes us from Paris in the 1960s to Prague and present-day London as it follows a mother and daughter's twin adventures in love.

Regular Honoré collaborator Alex Beaupain's music is always engaged emotionally with the scene at hand, and it's a special treat to hear Deneuve — whose early career peaks included "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" — sing one from the heart. Yet the film's musical highlight might just be the number penned by Bo Diddley: a spirited rendition of "Who Do You Love?" — with wild choreography — that poses one hell of a good question for either of our fascinating heroines.

Toronto FF