The German troops are just outside Paris. At the last moment Georg manages to escape to Marseille. The port town only lets in persons who have an entry permit for a new host country, proving that they are only passing through. Assuming the identity of a writer named Weidel, Georg tries to obtain one of

the few scarce passages on a ship. But when he meets the mysterious Marie, his plans change.

"Transit" is based on Anna Seghers' eponymous novel written while she was in exile. Christian Petzold delivers his most emotional film to date, with stellar young actors Franz Rogowski and Paula Beer in the leads. In a chilling twist he connects masterfully the then and the now: The film is set in a contemporary Marseille populated by characters from the past. And so, refugees from back then meet refugees from today, history meets the present, and all stories are joined to create one eternal transit zone.