Noor does not belong anymore to Khusras, Pakistan’s transgender community as he decides to be a man. As a man, he also has to work like a man and find a girl, who will make him happy, accepting him like he is.

Noor works in the truck depot and dreams of the girl of his life. He spits like a man and every evening he puts on a special cream to finally make his beard grow. And yet he is not a real man, but neither a woman. In the community of the Khusras, he was a woman. He danced like a goddess, wearing beautiful dresses, yet he decided to be man instead and thus now seeks to understand, not really finding his place, what makes him happy. His grandfather knows a legend of a faraway place, where the wishes of all those seeking for happiness will be fulfilled and before he gets to finish, Noor drives a stolen truck towards the picturesque mountains in the verge of a beginning story of forgetting one’s past and finding his future. Or it goes the other way around?

The documentary-like road movie NOOR is a French-Pakistan co-production, that in one hand tells a story of one finding himself and yet on the other reminds us that sometimes, whilst seeking for happiness, we forget what really makes us happy.

Maria Reinup