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I I Care a Lot I
Under 14 Not Allowed

  • 1h 59 min
  • Comedy, Thriller
I Radioactive I
Under 12 Not Allowed

  • 1h 49 min
  • Drama, Biography
I Hector and the Search for Happiness I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 1h 54 min
  • Comedy
  • Peter Chelsom
  • Simon Pegg, Toni Collette, Rosamund Pike, Stellan Skarsgård, Jean Reno
  • Based on François Lelord's phenomenally successful novel, "Hector and the Search for Happiness" sees actor Simon Pegg go beyond the comedy and genre roles for which he has become famous. Hector is living the contented and successful life of a London professional with a prospering career and caring girlfriend.
I A Long Way Down I
Under 12 Not Allowed

  • 1h 36 min
  • Comedy, Drama
I Made in Dagenham I
For All Audiences

  • 1h 53 min
  • Comedy, Drama