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I Tini zabutykh predkiv I
For All Audiences

  • 1h 37 min
  • Drama, Romance, Music
  • Sergei Parajanov
  • Ivan Mykolaichuk, Larisa Kadochnikova, Tatyana Bestayeva
  • Made in the Dovzhenko Film Studios in Ukraine, „Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” was the first highly original masterpiece by Sergei Parajanov, a filmmaker of Armenian descent born and raised in Georgia. The film quickly became an international critical success, earning numerous awards on the global film festival circuit.
I Le Redoutable I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 1h 47 min
  • Comedy, Drama, Biography
I Sauve qui peut la vie - Isabelle Huppert´i retrospektiiv I
Under 14 Not Recommended

  • 1h 27 min
  • Drama
I Le fantôme d'Henri Langlois I
For All Audiences

  • 3h 30 min
  • Documentary