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I J'accuse I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 2h 12 min
  • Drama, Thriller, Historical drama
  • Roman Polanski
  • Jean Dujardin, Louis Garrel, Emmanuelle Seigner
  • On January 5, 1895, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a young promising officer, is degraded for spying for Germany and is sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island. Among the witnesses to his humiliation is Georges Picquart, who is promoted to run the military counter-intelligence unit that tracked him down.
I Le retour du héros I

  • 1h 30 min
  • Comedy
I Un homme à la hauteur I
Under 14 Not Allowed

  • 1h 38 min
  • Comedy, Romance
  • Laurent Tirard
  • Jean Dujardin, Virginie Efira, Cédric Kahn
  • Diane is a well-known lawyer, divorced for three years. She loses her mobile telephone and receives a call from the person who finds it. That person is Alexandre, a charming man and the perfect gentleman. They make a connection over the phone and agree to meet up the following day.
I La French I
Under 16 Not Allowed

  • 2h 15 min
  • Action, Thriller
I The Monuments Men I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 2h 00 min
  • Drama, Adventure, War
I Möbius I
Under 16 Not Recommended

  • 1h 48 min
  • Drama, Thriller
I Les infidèles I
Under 16 Not Recommended

  • 1h 49 min
  • Comedy, Drama
I The Artist I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 1h 40 min
  • Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Michel Hazanavicius
  • Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo, John Goodman, James Cromwell
  • Possibly one of the most joyously enjoyable films to screen in the Cannes competition – especially for lovers of classic Hollywood cinema – THE ARTIST is a real pleasure… Shot in beautiful black-and-white, silent (apart from a few brief moments of sound) and propelled elegantly forward by delightful performances from Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo it is the most unlikely of feel-good movies.