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I Talve I
For All Audiences

  • 1h 32 min
  • Comedy, Drama
  • Ergo Kuld
  • Riina Hein, Margus Lepa, Franz Malmsten, Meelis Rämmeld
  • We have reached 1942. After the Reds retreat, the German regime has taken over Estonia. Despite the change of power, human nature remains the same - they love, party, quarrel and reconcile. A tale starts with the return of Arno Tali's son, Arnold. This blows up a passionate love triangle between the young people of Paunvere.
I REETUR esilinastus I

  • 1h 45 min
  • Thriller
  • Ergo Kuld
  • “Traitor” is a spy-drama miniseries, inspired by some actual spy-scandals from recent history of Estonia. But the characters and storylines are fictional. The story begins at the year 2004 when Estonia joined NATO and became a top target for Russian intelligence.