Shy dreamy Finnish archaeologist student Laura acquired tickets to travel together with her beloved Russian girlfriend Irina, but ends up in a tiny compartment alone.

For the long 1487 km journey she is doomed to share with a wildly rude vodka drinker and unbreakable storyteller Ljoha. He returns to work at the Arctic mine and she just hopes to witness rarely seen magical petroglyphs. Both strangers on the train are secretly looking for a sincere compassionate hug.

Unsentimental romantic dramedy helped Finnish machinist Juho Kuosmanen to elevate Un Certain Regard’s Award for “The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki” to the prestigious Grand Prix in the Official Competition of Festival de Cannes, followed unavoidable recognition by EFA.

The film was nominated for the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film. "Compartment no. 6" nominated for three European Film Awards - best film, best actress (Seidi Haarla) and best actor (Yuriy Borisov).