I Saul at Night I

  • 1h 25 min
  • Science Fiction, Suspense

In an effort to create a safer, healthier, and more productive society, a legally imposed curfew and mandated sleeping schedule forces all citizens to keep the same hours. Except Saul Capgras (Kentucker Audley), the one man who rests during the day and spends his waking hours in the eerie and lonely night. This opposite timeline keeps him from interacting with his wife and daughter as he begins to invent weird ways to connect with them and share their lives, including staging scenarios with mannequin surrogates.

Increasingly alienated from his family—or anyone for that matter—things take a turn when he encounters a french woman (Suzanne Clément) on one of his nightly wanderings. Separated by language but bound by their shared time and space, the two loners embark on a strange relationship.

An ingeniously lo-fi sci-fi from first-time feature filmmaker Cory Santilli, Saul at Night is a carefully drawn study of the roles people play in our lives, what can be revealed in their absence, and the nature of our connections to both loved ones and strangers.

Adam Cook

Director: Cory Santilli