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Each year six in 100,000 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer. But this time cancer picked the wrong man.

Inspired by a true story, “The Chuck Band Show” is a funny, touching and unprecedented story about honesty and self-discovery.

The protagonist of the film is a real loser – radio DJ Chuck Berger. His wife wants to leave him, his boss wants to fire him, and if this wasn’t enough – his testicle wants to kill him.

After getting diagnosed with testicular cancer, Chuck’s afraid he’ll be a man without any balls whatsoever. While starting to fight this difficult disease, Chuck discovers the power of humor and honesty. But will his wife Helena – who was considering divorcing him – and other people close to him remain true to themselves on this journey?

When Chuck informs his boss, Hendrik, about his situation, the two men form an unexpected friendship. The head of the radio station encourages Chuck to be as honest as possible to his listeners. As he bares his soul and makes people laugh, his radio show, “The Chuck Band Show”, becomes extremely popular.

Stewart Johnson, one of the founders of Estonia’s leading stand-up comedy agency, Comedy Estonia, stars as Chuck. Marta Laan (hit show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, TV series “ENSV”) plays Chuck’s wife, Helena, and Henry “Genka” Kõrvits (the “Class Reunion” trilogy) plays his boss, Hendrik.

The rest of the cast includes Janek Joost (“Autumn Ball”, TV series “Why Not?!”), Külliki Saldre (“Class Reunion 2”, “Kertu”), Ingrid Isotamm (“Fire Lily”, “In the Crosswind”), Viido Polikarpus, Tatjana Jegoruškina, Pontus Olgrim and Tómas Lemarquis (“Blade Runner 2049”, “Mihkel”).

The screenplay is by Al Wallcat and Stewart Johnson. Directed by Al Wallcat. Production designer and costume designer is Liina Laigu, make up is by Gristina Pahmann, editor is Pedro Collantes. The music is by Janek Murd with the sound engineering by Jascha Viehl and Jonathan Rush. The film is produced by Meteoriit and distributed by ACME Film.

The film was produced with the help of money raised through the Hooandja crowdfunding platform, and official supporters - Angel Films Oy, Kuku Raadio, TV3, TV6, Creative Europe MEDIA, SA Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla, Monton, Reval Cafe, Subway, Marat, Pro Optika and many others.

Part of its profits will be donated to the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation in order to give hope and a healthier life to those in need.

“The Chuck Band Show” hits cinemas across Estonia this Movember, which is Men’s Health Month.