Seduction, glamour, corruption, drugs and raucous poolside parties: the life and times of scandal-plagued Silvio Berlusconi reach the screens in spectacular fashion in this dazzling, topical and no-holds-barred look at the Europe's most infamous politician. The complex personality and motivations of the billionaire former Prime Minister (Toni Servillo) are scrutinised during a tumultuous period in his career, as his marriage to second wife Veronica Lario (Elena Sofia Ricci) fractures. At the same time the stories of a wide variety of characters from multiple levels of society and their attempts to either ingratiate or distance themselves from him are skilfully thread together.

Paolo Sorrentino, the director of "The Great Beauty", "Youth" and "The Young Pope", boldly and controversially speculates on what may or may not have taken place behind closed doors by offering a timely commentary on the excesses and follies of the power-hungry.