Love and hate, pleasure and pain, sex and death intertwine in this soft-hued Icelandic family drama of the disco age. Boredom has long replaced passion in the relationship of a middle-aged married couple Róbert and Margrét. The successful businessman keeps a mistress and flirts with other women right in front of his own wife; the bored lady of the house sleeps till noon, sips booze while doing chores and has sexual fantasies about a dishwasher repairman. Anna, their 18-year-old daughter, uses every chance to escape the household’s toxic atmosphere. Róbert tyrannises both his wife and daughter, but also starts to harbour rather dirty feelings towards the latter. The long-boiled tensions erupt in a fatal finale.

Reynir Oddson’s feature debut was the first film made by exclusively Icelandic cast and crew, and is said to have been responsible for starting the „Icelandic Spring” of filmmaking.

Digitally remastered in 2014 from the Super16mm original and the original 16mm magnetic film tracks. The original film material is kept at the National Film Archive of Iceland.