Nukufilm 60

Inherent obligations

Estonia, 2008, Rao Heidmets

This film should be the artistic approach to our nearest future. We can see media to play a continously greater role in the arrangement of the social life. How we can get more precise results in the surveys? How can the big and biggest companies change themselves to answer the requirements of vast consumers? The result of all this is vulgar and rude.


Estonia, 2014, Girlin Bassovskaja

Mother tries to hold together a family that is falling to pieces. It is a nearly impossible task if the others aren't making an equal effort. The child misses love, and at the same time tries to trust and love a person that might have never existed. There has been only imagination and hope, that this person is alive. The child waits for him, endlessly. And when he is finally there…Is it the right time? Don`t go away!

Tick Tack

Estonia, 2015, Ülo PikkovA watchmaker controls the time, but the mouse living in the watchmaker's workshop controls the clocks. A film about time and its ephemeral nature.

The Triangle Affair

Estonia, 2012, Andres Tenusaar

There is no triangle without corners. There is no direction without a triangle. There is no movement without a direction.

Closing Ceremony

Estonia, 2007, Hardi Volmer

One night strange figures gather in the Karahundzhi Palteau. They are the figures of God created by Man in different times and cultures - puppets. At the same time in a technical centre all letter combinations in all known languages are being printed out. According to Tibetian monks this act - writing down all the names of God - will bring along the end of the universe. The Creator has decided to introduce the gods to each other before the great end.


Estonia, 2013, Pärtel Tall

Sand on the beach is a natural as air, sun, life, love. The trails draw on the sand their endless stories asking this - Can we value these things before they are gone forever? When the sand and Sandguy have left and the Stoneguy opens his eyes, does he stay or leave too? Every grain in the sand counts!

The Master

Estonia, 2015, Riho Unt

A dog Popi and a monkey Huhuu wait everyday for their Master to come home. One day he stops coming. On this day their mutual life is created. Popi, being smarter and stronger gives in to monkey's whims, symbolising

obedience and subservience. Whereas Huhuu symbolises licentiousness and silliness. This is verity, more phantasmal than a dream and more dreadful than truth.

Based on a short story by Friedebert Tuglas.