I Õuduskassett I

  • 1h 05 min
  • Action, Thriller, Horror

Horror Anthology consists 3 short films:

“There lived” tells a story of eleven high school youngsters who seek shelter from a sudden storm during a school field trip. Finding an abandoned house, the youngsters decide to wait out the storm together. The eery room brings out conflicts and deep desires within them, but worse is yet to come when the house reveals its own unpleasant surprises. Instead of a pleasant hide-out, the youngsters find themselves in a scary deadlock and must find out who or what is playing with their fears.

Director: Maria Reinup


Helen (Kaia Skoblov) has not seen her mother for over 20 years when she hears of her death. This takes Helen onto a journey from her safe town home to an eery manor house psychiatric hospital. Once in this shocking environment, Helen falls under the spell of the powerful doctor Schulze (Kalju Komissarov) and discovers a long lost brother (Meelis Rämmeld) amongst the patients, so far a presence familiar to her only from disturbing childhood dreams. Helen must make a choice: to escape back to town or to save her brother and find answers to her own past.

Director: Anri Rulkov


Lauri Randla’s short film “Mausoleum” tells a dark satire of the pathologist Aleksei Abrikosov (Victor Kotowicz von Lahnberg) who embalmed Lenin’s body and managed to overcome death... in theory. His further existence will now be permanently attached to Lenin’s corpse as his caretaker. It is year 1936 and the world is shaped by Stalinist terror. No one is safe from the powers, especially the soviet elite. But just before the celebrations of First of May, a fly suddenly appears in Lenin’s sarcophagus. Abrikosov and his assistant Saša must find a solution before the visit of the Great Leader himself. The critical night then becomes a race for life and death...

Director: Lauri Randla