Charmless detective Gustav Tukk (Jan Uuspõld) meets a mysterious Gypsy lady (Lana Vatsel). It soon becomes apparent that it is a trap set to him by Russian intelligence. In order to figure out the opponent’s intentions, Gustav is ordered to go ahead with the relationship. Unfortunately, the task threatens to be beyond the man, as, unexpectedly to himself, he has fallen in love with the enemy. At the same time, the Gypsy lady also arouses romantic interest in poet Miku Tähn (Rain Tolk), who is a bit of a pain. The ensuing processes do not promise any good solutions.

Cast: Jan Uuspõld, Rain Tolk, Lana Vatsel, Peeter Jalakas, Loore Martma,

Priit Võigemast, Pääru Oja, Mari Abel et al.

Scriptwriter and director: Toomas Hussar Cinematographer: Rein Kotov E.S.C

Art Director: Kristina Lõuk

Composer: Arian Levin

Editor: Tambet Tasuja Producer: Ivo Felt Production: Allfilm