I Hedi Schneider steckt fest I
Under 12 Not Recommended

Hedi, Uli and their son, Finn, have life sorted out. They take each day as it comes, all the while dreaming of the future. Then, suddenly: Hedi gets stuck. The lift she's travelling in breaks down – and then her head does, too. Nothing stays the same, from one day to another. Hedi and Uli try to hold onto each other, but their world spins out of control. In a last-ditch attempt to rescue their love, they take a trip to Norway. The aim: to be happy again – for 24 hours at least.

Laura Tonke is playing Hedi as a dreamer that longs constantly for the ideal, a wonderful creature that has difficulties touching the harsh surface of reality. Call it a German Angst comedy, a film digging deep into the realm of anxiety attacks yet never forgets to touch the bright side of life. This woman will get to know a world of invisible borders. But a dreamer will keep his head high.

Sonja Heiss has already made a hiliarious films about romantics with "Hotel Very Welcome", in which Westerners were heading to India for spiritual relief. While she has opted for a semi-documentarian approach there she creates a larger-than-life world of suggestive rooms and colours here, reminiscent of the greats of melancholic cinema from the far north. Being a writer of books as well, her lines are always refined, her filmmaking never ceases to evoke a cinematic space in writing, soundscape and picture alike. Little pills can't be the final answer here, rather a little dirt on the face and trying, really trying hard to let the big world in.

Germany / Norway 2015