Things are getting wild in the middle of Misiones rainforest. A poor tobacco farm is attacked by mercenaries, killing the owner and kidnapping his daughter. Kaï, a mysterious man emerging from the jungle, witnesses attack and will take a tough decision. Revenge will be his life’s goal, and one by one, men’s hunting will have begun.

"The Burning" is a revenge tale, a western set in the jungle, based in the reality that certain regions under the equator are as lawless as the far west was. Built around a bright cinematography with glowing colors of the exuberant locations, what makes interesting this co-production (Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, France, and USA) is the mix of genre, from social drama to the thriller, from arty contemplative epic storytelling to a real grindhouse. Flirting with reference such as Terrence Malick or Sergio Leone, this 'machete-western' grows up in slow motion until reaching a violent climax.

Pablo Fendrik studied at Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica, and his two first feature films "The Mugger" (2007) and "Blood Appears" (2008) participated in the Cannes International Critic's Week. His third film is produced and starring by Gael García Bernal, a weirdly unconventional action hero who brings the film from the evocative stunning visuals, all the way through the jungle to the thrilling final. "The Burning", was premiered in Cannes Official section, out of competition, and nominated for 10 Academy Awards in Argentina.

PÖFF / Javier Garcia Puerto

Argentina / Mexico / Brazil / France / USA 2014