If you are looking to watch a sincere and intimate Scandinavian family drama with an engaging storyline and well-known actors from your favourite Danish television series, then Bille August’s "Silent Heart" is for you.

Two sisters, Sanne and Heidi have come together with their families for a weekend at their parents’ house in an idyllic Danish countryside. Their mother has been diagnosed terminally ill with a disease that slowly, but surely entraps a working mind into a dysfunctional body. To not die slowly and painfully, she has decided that this will be the last weekend together as a family. Loosing someone is always hard to cope with, but when you know that time is running up making the most of it and understanding the other one’s point of view is hard to imagine, even if you have respected the decision before.

"Silent Heart" takes us on a weekend where life, family and compassion is explored and given a new meaning for both the characters and viewers.

PÖFF / Triin Tramberg

Denmark 2014