I Relatos salvajes I
Under 14 Not Allowed

Inequality, injustice and the demands of the world where we live is the reason why many people suffer from stress or depression. Some explode. This is a film about them. The heroes of “Wild Tales”, vulnerable to an abruptly changing and therefore unpredictable reality, give in to the undeniable pleasure of losing control. Behind this enigmatic synopsis hides one of the craziest and most politically incorrect comedies that you have ever seen. The film is organized in five different episodes about characters that have reached their limits, and provoke extreme, unexpected, and of course hilarious situations by losing control. For once the cinema takes sides for social losers and restores a savage and balsamic justice. This film is not only one of the hits of festival season the but a huge comercial success as its local box demonstrates. Even more, this Argentinian-Spanish co-production shows clearly that Latin Cinema is ready to go beyond festival circuit. That film you will be talking about for weeks. It is time to get the control, time to offer the other cheek is over, let’s get wild.

PÖFF / Javier Garcia Puerto

Argentina / Spain 2014