I AD ööprogramm: Iha ja seksuaalsus I
Under 14 Not Allowed

  • 1h 00 min
  • Animation, Shorts

The late-night programme for adults touches the eternal human themes of love, relationships, lust and sex with emotions and self-irony. We unravel the erotic reaches of the viewers’ subconscious and hidden passions and sing a paean to the kind of love that makes you feel ten feet tall.


ENDEMIC'S GREED - Poland 2014, 11', dir: Natalia Dziedzic

At the seaside beach fates of a balding sailor, a young girl and two modest creatures – the bee and the crab are tangling.


NO MAN'S BUSH - Belgium 2014, 2', dir: Jelle van Meerendonk

An erotic adventure about a guy trying to find the perfect lady.


CONDOM - Australia 2013, 3', dir: Igor Coric, Sheldon Lieberman, prod: Bigfish

When six-year-old Spike finds a used condom, Dadda attempts to explain him about boys' schmekels and girls' knutzas, and exactly what a condom is for.


NOT NICE - France 2013, 2', dir: Marie Paccou

Is it a declaration of love for cinema, or for Nosferatu, or for whoever is "not nice"?


I AM AS IA AM - France 2014, 3', dir: Marion Auvin

In this poem, a woman speaks to us about herself, about seduction, in order to accept us as we are. She embodies the beauty of all women.


THE SENSE OF TOUCH - France, Switzerland 2014, 14', dir: Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo, prod: Folimage Studio

Chloé and Louis are secretly in love with each other. Every word is a move, every sentence is a choreography.


SOIF - Canada 2014, 9', dir/prod: Michèle Cournoyer

"Soif" is a tragedy in five acts centered on a woman who must confront the fate of her existence.


SIMPLE - Germany 2013, 2', dir/prod: Markus Wende

"I just want sex!" says Tanja to Benjamin.


HAIR - Belgium 2013, 8', dir: Delphine Hermans

A funny portrait of hair lovers. Seductions, disappointments, fantasies...


BIG WEATHER PART II - UK 2014, 2', dir: Sophie Gate

A music video for the band 1,2,3. A man finds his dog dead, a series of unfortunate events unfold but the answers are not revealed.


PILOTS ON THE WAY HOME - Estonia 2014, 16', dir: Olga Pärn, Priit Pärn, prod: Eesti Joonisfilm

Having suffered the loss of their plane, three pilots inexplicably find themselves stranded in the middle of the desert. They fall prey to visions and must confront the siren call of their own strange fantasies.


CONCORDE - FLOATING THERE - France 2014, 3', dir: Alexis Beaumont, Rèmi Godin, prod: Chez Eddy

A beautiful young woman gets back in touch with a guy she secretly loved in high school. At that time, she was plump and uncomfortable with herself, but today, she hopes things could be different.