I AD: Rahvusvaheline võistlusprogramm I I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 1h 30 min
  • Animation, Shorts

ME AND MY MOULTON - Canada, Norway 2014, 13', dir: Torill Kove, prod: Mikrofilm AS, Natinal Film Board of Canada

A seven year old girl and her sisters ask their parents to get them a bicycle. With a bright palette, this film views the creative attitudes of the parents through the eyes of their introspective daughter, telling a charming story of a young girl whose sensitive nature sometimes makes it difficult for her to be honest with the ones she loves most.


BEAUTY - Italy 2014, 10', dir/prod: Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

BEAUTY is a short story of the most important emotions of life, from birth to death, love and sexuality through pain and fear. It is a tribute to art and his disarming beauty.


MARILYN MYLLER - UK 2014, 6', dir: Mickey Please, prod: Blink Industries / Hornet Films

Marilyn maketh, Marilyn taketh awayth. Marilyn is trying really hard to create something good. For once, her expectation and reality are going to align. It will be epic. It will be tear-jerkingly profound. It will be perfect. Nothing can go wrong.


CODA - Ireland 2014, 9', dir: Alan Holly, prod: and maps and plans

A lost soul stumbles drunken through the city. In a park, Death finds him and shows him many things.


EAGER - USA 2014, 9', dir/prod: Allison Schulnik

A haunting, mesmerizingly choreographed clay-animation, where faceless creatures dance their way through a tribal ceremony, spilling colours and exploding with beauty.


STOP PEEPING - China 2014, 4', dir: Wong Ping, prod: Mr. Wong Ping Animation Laboratory

"Stop Peeping" tells the story of a man who repeatedly breaks into his neighbours apartment, so he can wring out her sweaty clothes to make ice lollies. Amusing, perverse and... refreshing?


BETWEEN TIMES - USA, The Netherlands 2014, 14', dir: Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata, prod: Netherlands Institute for Animation Film & Tiny Inventions

From the wall of a small town bakery, a cuckoo clock recounts a day where bread was sliced one second thick, lovers fell in sync and time rarely flowed at an even rate.


PATCH - Germany, Switzerland 2014, 3', dir: Gerd Gockell, prod: Gerd Gockell Filmproduktion / anigraf

An experimental animated short film using abstract painting to explore the tension field between abstraction and recognisability.


BOND - Poland 2014, 3', dir: Weronika Kuc, prod: Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts

"Bond" is a story about a relationship between two people. An intangible and abstract feeling has been materialized in a form of a red thread. Knots and tangles visualize the character of the relationship.


PILOTS ON THE WAY HOME - Estonia 2014, 16', dir: Priit Pärn, Olga Pärn, prod: Eesti Joonisfilm, National Film Board of Canada

Three pilots inexplicably find themselves stranded in the middle of the desert. They fall prey to visions and must confront the siren call of their own strange fantasies.