I Best of BFM II: ...sügav põhi I

  • 1h 24 min
  • Shorts

Best of BFM is an annual event in Baltic Film and Media School. During one week, everybody has the opportunity to see and explore the works of BFM done in one year. There is a five-membered jury whose assignment is to find works worth knowing. The week culminates with an award ceremony where the winners will be given the BOBs. Award-winning projects are representing BFM’s educational output, formatting Best of BFM programme. Selection of the winning films is screened in two programmes in cinema Artis from 7 to 10 April.



AVEC, documentary, 17:01 - Best documentalist

Dir. Akio Yuguchi

Avec is Akio Yuguchi's self-reflective film about personal grief and feelings of guilt after the death of a sibling. The pensive filmmaker aims at visualizing the long process of coming to terms with his inner conflict. The film creates a sense of ephemerality, crystallizing the spacious and temporal moments into a visual expression.

In Japanese with English subtitles.


CLOCK STOPPED AT 6.30, fiction, 14:47 - Jury's special mention

Dir. Liiva Vilnīte

Film is a french-style visual poem about a young woman –Emily, who becomes a victim of a rape. She seeks asylum in her countryside house, where she grew up. Soon Emily discovers the struggle that lays in front of her, as she must once again find reasons to live.

In French with English subtitles.


HAPPY PEOPLE DON'T NEED ART, documentary, 09:35 - Best TV-documentary director

Dir. Aino Salmi

Markus is singer-song-writer, who has recently moved to Tallinn. He has a dilemma whether to get a decent job with a monthly pay - like all the ordinary people tend to do - or concentrate on his art of making music.

In English.


CISCO, fiction, 23:17 - Best production designer

Dir. Reino Aedmäe

Cisco is a bandit. His life is filled with robbing and gunfights. One of his last robberies goes south and he gets wounded by a sheriff. Cisco flees to a remote house where a lonely woman Maria lives. Over time they fell in love. Maria has serious problem. She is tormented by the same sheriff and Cisco has to take a stand to protect her.

In Estonian with English subtitles.


PARADISE, documentary, 10:37 - Best documentary

Dir. Nora Särak

Poetical documentary "Paradise" is a story about Johannes Valk, who is the former owner of a rose plantation. It is based on his life story, which is presented to the viewers in abstract form.

In Estonian with English subtitles.


AWESOME (Äge), fiction, 09:19 - Best actor (Karl Gregor), Best short fiction

Dir. Rein Zobel

11-year old Murat becomes deaf after a sudden accident. Even after losing his hearing the optimistic and adventurous boy starts to discover a new world without sound. He takes a great interest in the world of vibrations after he notices that the hospital where he is treated is surrounded by a weird vibration. Murat uses his new sense of the world to discover the source of the vibration.

Without dialogue.

Total length of the programme is 84 minutes.