Annual selection of newest Estonian animated films from established studios and young animators.

MIRAM'S KITE - 5', dir: Riho Unt, prod: Andrus Raudsalu, Mait Laas

The hen enjoys playing around with kites. When Miriam has no more time for it, the hen convinces the little brother to go along. But the kite is too big for little brother and it flies him up to a treetop. Miriam and the hen need to act fast to get him down. As joint effort it works.

SANDGUY - 15', dir: Pärtel Tall, prod: Kerdi Oengo, Andrus Raudsalu

Sand on the beach is as natural as air, sun, life, love. The trails draw on the sand their endless stories asking, can we value these things before they are gone forever? When the sand and Sandguy have left and the Stoneguy opens his eyes, does he stay or leave too?

LEMONADE TALE - 9'20'', rež: Vallo Toomla, prod: Kerdi Oengo, Andrus Raudsalu

Little Holger goes shopping together with his mom. Holger wants some soda and lemonade, but Mom refuses to buy it. Unhappy Holger still takes a bottle off the shelf and gets sucked into the lemonade bottle! He falls into a dark-green bubble-soda ocean. He is unable to get back to the real world where his mother is already looking for him. Being trapped in the bubble-soda bottle he finds a friend who is ready to help him to return.

XYZTOPIA - 15', rež: Martinus Daane Klemet, prod: Kalev Tamm

One of the inhabitants of the flat earth gains possession of glasses that enable one to see in three dimensions. He has good intentions but controlling one extra dimension proves to be rather complicated...

ADA+OTTO - 20'34'', dir: Ülo Pikkov, prod: Kalev Tamm

Ada the Crow dreams of getting married. She has come to the conclusion that it is important to be dressed up as sharply as possible, everything else happens all on its own - the pastor always marries the girl in the fanciest dress to the handsomest boy! At the same time, Otto the Architect is out for a walk in the city looking for a site to build a new skyscraper. Ada notices Otto and feels shivers running down her back...

MYSTERIOUS SWAMP - 3', dir: Chintis Lundgren, prod: Paolo Polesello, Olav Osolin

It's a mysterious story about a black stork, some frogs and a terrible danger lurking deep in the Estonian swamps

PLASTIC - 1'30'', dir/prod: Chintis Lundgren

A music video for Cannon Birds!

SLEEPWALKER - 7', dir/prod: Stella Salumaa

"Sleepwalker" talks about the blending of day to day reality and night, and how they affect each other. It pictures a girl who cannot sleep well because her daily life pushes itself into her dreams. Due to that she is tired during the day because her night life tends to influence her work and other daily activities. Her days and nights blend into one.

COMMUNICATING VESSELS - 4', dir: Andres Tenusaar, prod: Kerdi Oengo

The biosphere is full of dense connections. The addition of something in one place means the disappearance of another thing in another place. If something new is added, changes that no one expected can occur.