Kostya is a young man whose life is divided into two parts: before Chechnya and after. And it's not all about the war. During the last fight he suffered serious burns in his tank. His friends rescued him, and the doctors saved his life. After a long time in treatment he returned home. Having locked himself up in his small flat, he quenches his thirst with vodka and makes drawings. He refuses to see his friends or family. Kostya is afraid of the world outside as much as the world is afraid of him. The only person who doesn't notice his ugliness is his female neighbour's 5-year-old son. Kostya tells him bedtime stories from his life: his father's betrayal, his stepfather's pressure, and the school principal who used to drink vodka like water and was the first to catch Kostya's artistic talent for drawing. With the disappearance of his army friend, a mechanism is set in motion thanks to which Kostya restores his life. Screen adaptation of the novella 'Thirst' by Andrei Gelasimov.