I Suur-Sõjamäe I
For All Audiences

  • 0h 52 min
  • Documentary

Documentary about people who work on allotments near the airport for more than 30 years, but soon the allotments should be destroyed, because of technical progress and development of the area.

There are many different stories of people who came to Estonia during the Soviet time to work on the Dvigatel factory. These workers were allocated an allotment for growing vegetables near the factory. They soon started to plant their crops, build small

summerhouses and trade allotments with each other. The story of their allotment gardens is an allegory of the fall of the Soviet Union, as seen through their eyes. The owners of the allotments all have different ethnic origins, and today hold passports

of different former Soviet states. In only a few days, the last pages of Soviet history will be turned. Progress is knocking on the door of history. We can almost hear the sound of "the trees being cut", like at the end of Anton Chekhov's "Cherry Orchard". Watch out, the past! The bulldozers are coming...

Director: Aljona Suržikova