Accompanied by her cousin and her cousins husband, the 40 year old narrator travels to the Austrian mountains. They plan on staying in a hunting lodge for the weekend but the next morning the woman finds herself alone with her cousins' dog. The couple, who planned on having dinner in the valley, didn´t return. The woman leaves to look for the couple, but she soon discovers why they didn´t come back: a seemingly endless, invisible wall separates her from the other side of the valley. All her attempts to get to the other side of the wall fail, so she slowly starts to adjust to her new situation. Because the area in which she is trapped is fairly wide, she learns to live off her supplies, the fruits and animals of the surrounding forest and her garden. Besides looking after herself she soon starts to look after the animals who are dependent on her: a dog, cats and a pregnant cow. With the winter coming she starts writing her report that makes up the book, unsure whether anyone will ever read it.