In the House (French: Dans la maison) is a French film directed by François Ozon. It is based on the play "The Boy in the Last Row" by Juan Mayorga.The film was awarded the main prize at the 2012 San Sebastián International Film Festival, the Golden Shell, as well as the Jury Prize for Best Screenplay.

A joyless schoolteacher and failed novelist (Fabrice Luchini) whose vicarious involvement in a gifted student’s (Ernst Umhauer) reality-based fiction reawakens his senses until the scenario gets out of hand... Freely adapted by Ozon from Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga’s The Boy in the Last Row, this is a delicious, teasing reflection on mentoring, the creative process and the very nature of fiction, with its ability to conjure alternate lives and more fulfilling identities for both author and reader. It may be a touch too muted and ambiguous in its payoff for some audiences, but it’s charged with the same flavorful air of dangerous sensuality and subversive humor that first put its French writer-director on the map.