Two films by Kristo Viiding. Two litterary adaptations. Two worlds.


Genre: black humour. Short, 2010. 19min 24sec.

After more than a decade of meticulous planning, the time has come. Tonight there will be a settling of scores. And when the morning comes, the nineties will finally be dead and buried. Based on E. A. Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado", a classic revenge story, and seen through the prism of Estonia’s recent history, „Amontillado“ is a story of human pettiness in the face of the inevitable passage of time.

Cast Arvo Kukumägi, Indrek Taalmaa



Genre: Musical fiction. 2012. 45 min.

A Mediterranean mystery, bleached in the high-noon sun, where the summer heat transforms into musical cinema, framed by Indrek Kruusimaa’s melodies for the guitar, the film is inspired by A. Camus’ (unpublished) debut novel „A Happy Death” (first published in 1971). Patrik is a virtuoso guitarist living an otherwise simple life beset by a passion for beautiful women and cars.

His charming girlfriend Rita unwittingly sets off a bout of jeolousy in Patrik, preparing the stage for the unexpected. Patrik meets Roland Zagreus, a paraplegic aristocrat withdrawn from life. The two men see themselves in eachother, along with a solution to their problems. Zagreus makes Patrik an offer he can’t refuse.

Cast Indrek Kruusimaa, Kersti Heinloo, Andres Lepik, Harriet Toompere, Robert Kurvitz, Màrcia Bernardo, Markus Luik etc.