Jewish heritage and homosexuality don’t seem to go well together. At least that is what Ruben thought while living in Paris. So he escaped to Finland where he met a local boy Teemu. Theyc seemed to have harmonic relationship until a misunderstanding around money tore them apart.

So Ruben flew back to France where he re-met his ditzy mother, irritating brother and a sister who’s stuck in a miserable marriage. Besides that his father forces him to meet his mistress. So all the problems he had escaped from came rushing back to him.

Although missing Teemu in every step of the way, Ruben is constantly involved in different tragicomic situations – whether in gay bars or children’s playground.

One of the co-writers Christophe Honore explained the pretty odd set choice (Finland) as following: “The beginning is in Finland, something very Walt Disney – for us French, Finland is Walt Disney World. And of course when he comes back to Paris, it is a nightmare.”

Kristin Rammus

Project “Diversity Enriches