Despite losing his job, Michel lives happily with Marie-Claire his wife and their loving children and grandchildren, surrounded by their friends. In love for more than thirty years, they are proud of their union and political struggles, for their conscience is as clear as their view of life.

This happiness will be shattered when two young armed and masked men beat them up, tie them up, and snatch their wedding rings and their lifetime savings.

The shock will be even more violent when they discover that this brutal attack was organized by one of the young workers laid off at the same time as Michel, by one of their own people.

“Guediguian’s L’Estaque cycle revives the regionalist pride of Marcel Pagnol and the socialist humanism of Jean Renoir, and these qualities shine in the best scenes between Guediguian’s repertory regulars, who exude a rare sense of family intimacy. Some of the characterisation is unapologetically broad – there’s no shortage of cold-eyed bureaucrats and snippy hautes bourgeoises – but this is political storytelling at its most entertaining.”

Jonathan Romney, London FF