I Kuku: Mina jään ellu! I
Under 14 Not Recommended

  • 1h 28 min
  • Documentary


Kuku is the personal story of one of the most famous Estonian film actors during the Soviet era, Arvo Kukumägi. He wants to make a comeback to the big screen, but constantly suffers different setbacks – he has a major alcohol problem, a bunch of failed relationships and a near-dead professional career. Because of his hard, arrogant and self-centred nature, and his long-lasting drinking periods, Kuku has lost a lot of friends and a huge amount of credibility. Everybody accepts his talent and screen-charisma, but nobody trusts him personally or professionally. I Will Survive is an intimate observation of a most charismatic and controversial estonian actor, following his highs and lows, his efforts to make peace with the demons from his past, and his pilgrimage to restore relations with his friends, his wife and colleagues in order to gather together the pieces of broken trust so that he can save his career as a film actor and a human being. He nearly succeed but then comes a new dramatic turn and Kuku finds himself in the deep end. Will he survive?

Original title: Mina jään ellu

Film was made by: Andres Maimik, Kaidi Kaasik, Martin Männik, Arvo Kukumägi

Camera: Andres Maimik, Mihkel Soe, Kaidi Kaasik

Editor: Martin Männik

Producer: Andres Maimik

Produced by: Kuukulgur Film

To be released: 2011

Length: 88 min

Director: Andres Maimik