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I Chouette en toque I
For All Audiences

  • 0h 52 min
  • Animation
  • Célia Tocco, Fritz Standaert, Célia Tisserant, Pascale Hecquet
  • In this program, the owl of the cinema takes a humorous look at the food chain, invites children to baking and discusses the emotional value of our food. It presents an adaptation of a Japanese burlesque tale and enchants a popular song that is 150 years old!
Kinos alates: 10.10.2020
I Loups tendres et loufoques I
Family film

  • 0h 53 min
  • Animation, Fairytale, Shorts
I La Fontaine fait son cinéma I
Family film

  • 0h 40 min
  • Animation, Shorts
  • Pascale Hecquet, Fabrice Luang-Vija, Pascal Adant, Frits Standaert
  • La Fontaine turns filmmaker is a collection of short films from The Cinema Owl. This time The Cinema Owl has brought back from her travels six short films in the form of fables about animals, each with a strong message. La Fontaine turns filmmaker , in the tradition of our cartoon favourites, is both educational and a lot of laughs.