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I Ji-geum-eun-mat-go-geu-ddae-neun-teul-li-d I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 2h 01 min
  • Drama, Romance
  • Hong Sang-soo
  • Jae-young Jung, Min-hee Kim
  • By mistake, film director Ham Chun-su arrives in Suwon a day early and has time to kill before his screening with a debate the next day. He stops by a restored, old palace and meets an artist named Yoon Hee-jung who introduces him to her paintings.
I Book chon bang hyang I

  • 1h 19 min
  • Black comedy
  • Hong Sang-soo
  • Yu Jun-sang, Kim Sang-joong, Song Sun-mi
  • Sonjoon is former film director now professor who has decided to pay a few days long visit to Seoul to reunite with a long time friend. Unfortunately, the old pal doesn’t answer his calls, and Sonjoon has nothing left to do than to roam the streets of Seoul’s suburbs and have a few drinks meanwhile.