I Wilcox I

  • 1h 06 min
  • Drama, Road-movie

Québécois Denis Côté’s (PÖFF’s guest 2017) film, “Wilcox” , is a remarkable experiment in the rendering of the complexity and mystery of the human essence, as it follows Wilcox (Guillaume Tremblay) in his muted drifting away from society. Shot mostly as a silent film, it is through the power of the image imaginatively crafted with the presence-and-absence of sound that Côté’s character study compellingly conveys Wilcox’s opacity whilst simultaneously exemplifying it.

As Wilcox’ story is framed within the names of others who in real life shared a similar path to his, “Wilcox” represents a sensitive homage to those souls who willingly submitted to the wild and their own disappearance.

Loreta Gandolfi

Director: Denis Coté