I Il pleuvait des oiseaux I

  • 2h 07 min
  • Drama, Romance

We meet three hermits living in cabins in the Quebec countryside, miles from civilization. Tom, Charlie, and Ted fled society years ago, and live a simple life. While wildfires threaten the region, and infirmity looms, their life is about to be shaken by the arrival of two women: an octogenarian, unjustly institutionalized her whole life, and a young photographer charged with interviewing survivors of the region’s deadliest forest fire that happened decades ago.

A meditation on the possibilities of living outside modernity, “And the Birds Rained Down” shows that love can happen at any age and is a beautiful tribute to the need to live independently and on one’s own terms — and to those courageous enough to pursue this.

Dorota Lech

Director: Louise Archambault