I Tõnu Kõrvits. Lageda laulud I
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  • 0h 58 min
  • Music, Documentary

"Moorland Elegies" is a journey into the darkest, most mysterious corners of loneliness: to a place where you may not even dare to look. -Tõnu Kõrvits

Tõnu Kõrvits is a composer in his fifth decade who doesn’t open up easily. Though he is one of the most performed Estonian composers, Tõnu prefers to remain in the shadows.

His person and music carry a secret that only unravels for those who can see behind the words, who forget themselves in the music and let the sounds Tõnu created take them along on a mystical, poetical journey that changes anyone who arrives at the end.

The film “Moorland Elegies” is named after Tõnu’s nine-part choir cycle, based on Emily Brontë’s almost gothic, dark poetry, that invokes spiritual conditions delicately translated into natural imagery. Tõnu’s enchantingly powerful “Moorland Elegies” has been one of the most sold classical records on the Amazon charts and forms the musical and material core of the film.

“Moorland Elegies” is a film about a composer, his music and the people who are deeply touched by his music.

In “Moorland Elegies”, the following people undertake the musical journey into Tõnu Kõrvits’s music: Doris Kareva, Tõnis Kõrvits, Mark Raidpere, Kersti Kaljulaid, Gunnar Männik, Rein Ränk, Tiit Käit, Virve Liitvee.

Director: Marianne Kõrver; cinematographers: Marianne Kõrver ja Margus Sikk; sound designer: Lauri-Dag Tüür; script consultant: Ülo Krigul; produced by: Klaasmeri.

Financial support: the Estonian Film Institute, the Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Public Broadcasting

Director: Marianne Kõrver