I Tuulte tahutud maa I

  • 1h 02 min
  • Documentary

Joosep Matjus's epic nature film "The Wind Sculpted Land" makes a deep bow to Estonian nature, which is the true business card of Estonia.

Landscapes, which have been knitted throughout the millennia, speak to us about ancient times. No single feature has turned up here randomly, but all have been carefully sculpted in spite of the battle between primordial forces and the inhabitants of this place. Every tree and blade of grass has been carefully cut out, animals have been attracted or driven away, voices have been pulled closer and arranged to sound in chorus. All in accordance with opportunity and necessity. The aspirations and sense of beauty held by our ancestors have survived in the patterns of our landscapes.

The Wind Sculpted Land is a film about Estonia's wild and primeval nature, where our home country's spectacular landscapes, together with their wild inhabitants and thousands of migrating birds, are opened before the viewer's eyes.

Director: Joosep Matjus