I Once I

  • 1h 25 min
  • Drama, Romance, Music

A Guy is a Dublin guitarist/singer-songwriter who makes a living by fixing vacuum cleaners in his Dad's Hoover repair shop by day, and singing and playing for money on the Dublin streets by night. A Girl is a Czech who plays piano when she gets a chance, and does odd jobs by day and takes care of her mom and her daughter by night. Guy meets Girl. Love and music bring them together in an emotional few days in Dublin.

You’ve heard about this one, you might have even seen it once or twice. In London, they put up a play based on this film and had a card where they would put a stamp for you for how many times you saw ONCE on stage. It never gets old. The songs are play-on-repeat worthy. The acting is good. Dublin is wonderful and cosy.

The film received The Academy award for the best song and Grammy nomination for the soundtrack.

“A little movie called ‘Once’ gave me enough inspiration to last the rest of the year.”

Steven Spielberg

“Once is an affecting tale of love, busking and a changing Ireland.”

Irish Times

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The screening is supported by the Irish Film Institute.