I Demain et tous les autres jours I

Mathilde is ten years old. Her parents are separated and she lives alone with her mother. Her mother is disturbed and has trouble coping with the real world. Mathilde can see that others consider her mother crazy, but to her it’s day-to-day life. She protects her mother. She can sense the threat of separation, without knowing when or how it could take place. She does all she can to forestall it, fully aware that all her efforts are doomed to fail.

„Amazing, though, is the way the child leads her own life with imagination and potential. Her only friend and companion, speaking owl given to her by her mother, and the scenes with a girl underwater symbolize the strength of children. The owl as a mother’s gift to her daughter stands in for the director’s affection for the mother. The last shot, symbolizing earnest, heart-felt support to Mathilde, will move the viewer with explosive force.“ – RHEE Souewon, Busan Film Festival