It might be the oldest friendship with tragic outcomes in world's history: A man and his booze. "Alky Alky" portrays it in a tragicomic way, and with a filmic twist wonderfully simple and sober.

Tobias and "Flasche" (Literally: Bottle) are best friends, even if nobody else besides Tobias can see Flasche. Well, that is the inside story of the film. The spectator gets to see this rather disastrous if close frienship in fullest bloom, as Tobias is played by Heiko Pinkowski and Flasche by Peter Trabner. A friendship under the influence, as Flasche always suggests one last drink. Tobias might be in his mid-40s, co-running an architecture office and having a wife and three children, but a little help from his invisible and insinsting friend is always a welcomed distratition. As Tobias loses grip of his life, he might have to let go of Flasche. And really take rehab seriously!

Axel Ranisch is one of Germany's most productive filmmakers right now, twisting and twirling classical filmmaking processes around and starting with few written pages and improvisation rather than finished scripts. In "Alky Alky", One by one, they have a humourous warmth and creativity abound, The whole film anyhow never betrays the deep tragedy within the enjoyab journey of a man to himself. Away from bottle. Can't work without hurt.

Germany 2015