A nearly 50-year-old university professor is in a secret relationship with his young student who is not only an eye-catching beauty, but at first glance also a psychopath: she refuses to believe that the professor no longer wishes to continue the relationship and locks the man up in her house, smiling at him in full nudity from across the room; furthermore, she starts playing on the nerves of the respected madam, professor's wife, calling her and telling her about her fantasies with the madam's husband. The elderly couple realises that they cannot escape from the young crazy woman, and as it all takes place in India, the honour of the renowned professor and this family is of utmost importance and the madam makes a decision that will change everyone's life: she invites her husband's mistress to live in their house.

"Let Her Cry" is an oddly fresh and exciting Sri Lankan film, the likes of which are hard to find. Viewers will discover themselves intricately in the midst of this maze of relationships, at times understanding one party and then the other. Viewers are not forced to understand or choose sides, but invited to observe and understand how every person primarily relies on their own reasons.

Maria Reinup / PÖFF

Sri Lanka 2015